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Joe Fresh Spring 2013

11 Apr

If you are Canadian you are very familiar with Joe Fresh. If not, well you will probably not believe that the brand started selling in a supermarket.

When I moved to Toronto in 2007 I noticed street advertisement showing really cool yet simple clothes. At first it reminded me a bit of a more casual version of Banana Republic. “Joe”, I thought, “Doesn’t ring a bell”. Later that day as I was picking up groceries I realized that Joe lived in the grocery store.  I couldn’t believe my eyes: great designs, good quality and amazing prices.

Apparently, the brand was just released a year before (in 2006). Now, Joe Fresh has standalone stores in Canada and has entered the US market quite successfully, starting in New York.

If you have never heard of it, let me show you what you are missing:

[359x377]WS12SW3321_jpg [359x377]WS13SK2829_jpg [359x377]WS13FW5048_jpg Continue reading


Attention Canada: Mulberry, AllSaints coming to Toronto!!!

5 Mar


It was announced hours ago that Mulberry, the luxurious UK-based bags, accessories and apparel retailer is establishing its first flagship store here in Toronto. Just like other high-end brands (Cartier, 7 For All Mankind, Louis Vuitton and Kate Spade) Mulberry chose a mall to start its operations in the city. If I had to guess, I would’ve probably said that they would choose the Yorkville area, not a mall, as their first choice. But apparently Yorkdale is now the home of more and more fabulous stores.

This means that Torontonians will have easier access to classic and timeless items, such as the much coveted Alexa bag:

Alexa Soft  Alexa red  Alexa Print

Alexa Blue  Alexa Black Pebbled Haircalf  Alexa with woven trim

(images via www.mulberry.com)

Along with Mulberry, the also British brand All Saints is establishing at Yorkdale. I have been a fan of All Saints since I visited my sister in Glasgow at the end of 2010. I fell in love with a pair of ankle booties but unfortunately they did not have them in my size. I guess the timing was terrible since I tried to buy those on December 26th (LOL). Below a few of the cutest looks of their lookbook: Continue reading

Music & Style: Attack in Black

3 Mar

OK, this is not a new band. It is new for me though. I was flipping through the channels not too sure of what to watch during one of S’ naps and I came across them on AUX TV (where else, right?).

I am a sucker for indie music, especially if it is Canadian music. It is not only about the music for me, but the environment the music creates. And this band does that for me.

Not only that. In a true hipster fashion, their videos are in some cases bizarre and some others seem nostalgic. Nostalgic of what? Well, that I don’t know.

These gentlemen also know how to look cool without putting too much effort. Anyways, enjoy!!!! (that guitar riff is perfection)



Canadian brand: Danier(‘s got it going on!!!)

4 Feb

How cool is that college jacket?

Leather has been a go-to material for most major design houses since well, forever. Leather items can be ridiculously pricey and almost unreachable for most of us. It is not only the craftmanship that plays a part in the price, but the material itself is expensive.

I don’t know about you, but I love leather clothes. I like all my shoes and bags to be leather, not only because of the looks, but also for the long-lasting factor. Even those who are all about going green have to admit that pvc bags just do not cut it.

Luckily, Canada has Danier, a designer, manufacturer and retailer of quality leather and suede for women and men. They have been operating for decades and they know how a leather piece needs to look and feel like, in order to be luxurious. The twist is, their prices are SO affordable!!!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces of the season; you will certainly notice some designer-inspired models especially in the handbags:

131030049(950)-1 131011223(550)-1 131011208(335) 131011207(409) 131011165(299) 131011117(147) 131011091(901) 131011083-1 116050019(950)-1 116050019(722)-1 114030087(950)-1 113020112(722)-1 111050011(950)-1 110050009(950) 104030531

The selection is overwhelming. You feel like buying it all!!! Visit www.danier.com

Aritzia is on sale NOW!

24 Jan

I am pretty sure that most Canadian fashion loving gals know this, but I need to bring it up regardless: Aritzia is on sale. And I am not talking about their so-called sales where they offer C$2 to C$5 off. No. This time, the discounts range from 20% to 70%, in some cases.

I have always been a big Aritzia fan. I find the pieces they sell great and I totally dig the vibe they are going for… Although I have to admit, sometimes I feel a bit out of place in the store since the “Aritzia Girls” (sales associates and customers) are probably in their teens and early twenties… LOL

Anyways, I have compiled a few of my favorite pieces. You should totally check the website out, if you are errrrrr “older” than the Aritzia babes and prefer to do online shopping 😉

St Marks Blouse C$29.99

St Marks Blouse C$29.99

Continue reading


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