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Michael Kors Spring 2013

27 Feb

Zebra-print Skinnies

Michael Kors has been named the most online sought-after brand and honestly, it is not surprising. After creating his more affordable line, Michael, women like myself have the opportunity to wear pieces of fine quality and beautiful design without breaking the bank. And he keeps delivering amazing pieces that look and feel luxe. Continue reading


Friday Wishlist

22 Feb
Friday Wishlist

Friday Wishlist

15 Feb
Friday Wishlist

Shoe-crush: Christian Louboutin Pigalle

14 Feb

Pigalle SpikesThanks to Solange Knowles I feel in love with a pair of shoes. Again. And yet again, our love is impossible.

At US$ 1,195 the Pigalle Spikes shoes are pure perfection. I can honestly say, I am not a huge fan of Christian Louboutin. Some of his shoes are too wacky and some of them are plain tacky. His classic models though are quite beautiful and flattering on almost everyone.

But these shoes got my attention the second I saw Solange walking down the Grammy’s red carpet in them. The color, the spikes, the pointy toe… they’ve got it all. They are so kick-ass and elegant at the same time.

I cannot justify such a purchase, I just can’t. That is the reason why we will never be together. Maybe in a few months, Jeffrey Campbell will come up with a substitute and maybe I will go for it. But deep down in my heart, I will know it is not the same. I will pretend I love them for a while, take them out for a walk and shortly after get bored and probably dump them. Literally. Geez, I am getting so ahead of myself….

If you have the funds, you can get them at, or

Music & Style: Grammy Edition

12 Feb

The Grammy Awards is the perfect excuse for stars to dress up and show us that they are way better looking than us and that they have access to ridiculously pricy couture gowns. Haha. In any case, me being the nobody that I am, have the right to give my opinion on which looks I like and dislike, right?

I really don’t care for predictable and too perfect beauty, I just don’t. It is not interesting in my eyes. I prefer quirky, daring and fun. So maybe some of my choices of best dressed will be surprising. But these are the girls that I truly enjoyed watching and made me go all ooohhhh and ahhhh on them. Also, I included some very stylish and talented gentlemen, because… why not?

Let’s just start with my new favorite, Solange. Her dress design is simple, but the color and details (crystal-encrusted!) make it very unique. Also, love the shoulders. I would totally wear that!!! And her shoes!!!!! And her afro!!!!! Why can’t I rock an afro???? OMG, she is indeed my favorite.

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet

Florence Welch in Givenchy looks amazing. She has not received a lot of love from critics, but I say, who cares! Does she look like a reptile? Maybe, but the most fashionable and gorgeous reptile I have ever seen. The green complements her complexion and red locks beautifully and the design is very avant garde. Continue reading

Music & Style: Bat for Lashes

10 Feb

I LOVE Bat for Lashes. I mean, Natasha Kahn is not only talented but so gorgeous it is painful. Her music and lyrics are great and her voice is simply enchanting.

Her new video is very different from her previous ones, which were extremely hipstery and slightly kitschy . Not that I am complaining, that is how I got to know her and how I fell in love with her music and fashion sense. While her music is still very unique and remains true to her indie identity, her style seems to be more minimalistic and “no-fuss”. She is even sporting a shorter do.

Check out her new video, All your Gold. She managed to stay adorably quirky but with a less-is-more approach. Enjoy!

Friday Wishlist

8 Feb
Friday Wishlist

3 1 Phillip Lim sleeveless top

Demylee long shirt
$310 –

Isabel Marant hi top sneaker

Proenza Schouler satchel bag

Balenciaga black bag

Pamela Love silver bangle

Alexander McQueen charm pendant

Michael Kors oversized watch

Links of London pewter jewelry

Madewell round sunglasses

Happy Friday!!!!

"Fashions fade, style is eternal." — Yves Saint-Laurent

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